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About SAFA Assembly

The Assembly shall comprise of President, Vice-president, Permanent Secretary and the heads of the full member bodies or the duly authorized representative of the member body in the absence of the respective heads. In case the Head of a SAFA member is appointed as President or Vice-President of SAFA he/she shall be allowed to represent his/her member body in which case no other representative shall be permitted to represent that member body in the Assembly proceedings. The Head of member bodies may be accompanied at the meetings of the Assembly, by one technical advisor who shall have no right to vote and may only be allowed to express his/her opinion in the proceedings. In case of the inability of the Head of a member to attend the Assembly meeting he/she can be represented by his/her technical advisor or any other person nominated by the member body. In such a case the nominated representative shall have a right to vote upon being duly authorized in writing by the concerned member body. The President and the Vice-President shall otherwise have no right to vote in the Assembly proceedings The Permanent Secretary shall have no right to vote in any circumstance but will be permitted to express his/her opinion in the Assembly proceedings or present the record and other matters, provide clarifications or information on any matter dealt with by the Secretariat before the Assembly. However, the President or the person chairing the meeting in his absence shall have a casting vote in case of tie on proposals requiring simple majority.

Objectives and Functions of SAFA Assembly

The Assembly shall based upon the recommendation of the SAFA Board or otherwise have the authority to take all the steps considered necessary to further the mission and the objectives of SAFA including performing the functions of:
1. Approval of budget and work programme;
2. Issues of strategies, policy and those emergent in nature;
3. Determine the financial contributions to be made by each member body and the uses to which these should be put;
4. Admit or reject applications for membership of SAFA;
5. Admit or reject application for admission as observer;
6. Consideration and approval of audited financial statements of SAFA;
7. Appointment of auditor for each accounting year and fix their remuneration;
8. Establish rules and procedure consistent with the provisions of the Constitution;
9. Accept resignation of a member body or an Observer; and
10. Modification in the Constitution, as may be required.

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