The Executive Authority behind SAFA Working

About SAFA Board

The SAFA Board shall comprise of President, Vice-President, Permanent Secretary and one member nominated by each of the member body who may be accompanied in the meeting of the SAFA Board with one technical advisor. The President and Vice-President shall be deemed to be the member nominated by the body, which he represents, and the said body shall not have any right to nominate any member on the Board during the tenure of President and Vice-President.

Every member of the Board other than President, Vice-President, shall have tenure of three years unless he/she resigns or is incapacitated due to any reason from serving on the Board. In such case the nominating member body shall nominate another individual to serve the remaining period of the term on the Board. No nominee can be a member of the Board for more than two consecutive terms. A term served in part would constitute as one full term served.

The SAFA Board shall meet at least four times in a year physically and through tele-conferencing or video conferencing any number of times if so deemed necessary by the President,


Objectives and Functions of SAFA Board


The SAFA Board shall perform administrative, financial and other functions such as:-

(i) Consider policy, strategic and emergent issues for recommendation to the Assembly
(ii) Make recommendations to Assembly for constitution of committees and their terms of reference
(iii) Recommend to the Assembly on application for the admission as member, observer and on their suspension or removal
(iv) Recommend to the Assembly about the appointment of the auditor and fixation of their remuneration
(v) Set up task forces, study groups etc as may be required from time to time
(vi) Consider the budget of SAFA and its committees, for recommendations to the Assembly
(vii) Consider, receive and approve the financial statements of the SAFA for placing before the Assembly
(viii) Consider and adopt the reports of committees, task force, study groups etc
(ix) Determine response to other bodies or groups of bodies except on strategic, policy or emergent issues, for which recommendation shall be made to the Assembly
(x) Determine the publicity policy for SAFA, including policy on more prominent positioning at SAARC level
(xi) Maintain dialogue with the national Accountancy bodies, Government and regulators in different countries wherever required, for the furtherance of the objectives of SAFA
(xii) Appointment of employees, fixation of their remuneration and service conditions


CA. (Dr.) Jai Kumar Batra, Permanent Secretary,

SAFA  (ICA India)


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