Mr Jamal Uddin Ahmad, FCA

Mr Jamal Uddin Ahmad, FCA was the President of ICAB for two terms in 1989 and 1992. He has been serving the Council of ICAB since 1989. He was elected by SAFA Assembly at its 25th meeting as President for the year 1995.Also a Fellow of the ICAEW, Mr Jamal Uddin Ahmad obtained his Master’s degree in Commerce from Dhaka University in 1954 with the top position. One of the seniormost and outstanding Chartered Accountants of the country, Mr Jamal Uddin Ahmad has held the position of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Bangladesh Government from 1977 to 1982.

He also served, at different times, as President of the Chittagong Association in Dhaka and member of the Executive Committee of MCCI and Company Law Committee constituted by the Bangladesh Government.Mr Jamal Uddin Ahmad is also the Chairman of the Centre of Excellence on Ethics and Independence of Auditors of SAFA. He was also a member of the Public Sector Committee of IFAC during 1993-1995.



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