Small & Medium Practices Committee


To initiate and augment efforts on To initiate and augment efforts on ensuring that the region specific concern of SMPs & SMEs of South Asian Region are considered at appropriate forums to address the
special and differential needs of the region.


  1. To represent the interest of professional accountants of South Asian Region providing services to small and medium sized organizations.
  2. To identify issues relevant to SMPs providing accounting and auditing services to small and medium sized enterprises and develop guidance on these issue.
  3. To devise ways and means to promote networking between SMPs within the South Asian Region by facilitating and promoting member to member contact across regions.
  4. To facilitate SMPs to grow to bigger league of medium/large size entities.
  5. To encourage research amongst SAFA member bodies on issues related to SMPs and SMEs.
  6. To provide input to the IFAC and other standard setting bodies to ensure that due consideration is given to the issues relevant to SMEs and SMPs of South Asian Region.
  7. To set up a mechanism to respond to request for comments from IFAC, IASB and other standard setting bodies.
  8. To facilitate interaction with other Regional bodies espousing SMPs & SMEs concerns of South Asian Region to widen the thought process.
  9. To conduct webinars/conferences/seminars to enhance the knowledge base of SMPs and SMEs.
  10. To assist SMPs in providing handholding support to the existing and aspiring MSMEs.

Committee Members

Sl.No.Member BodyMember
1ICA IndiaCA. (Dr.) Rohit Ruwatia (Chairman)
2ICA IndiaCA. Umesh Sharma
3ICA BangladeshMr. Sidhartha Barua
4ICMA BangladeshMr. S.M. Zahir Uddin Haider
5ICA India
(erstwhile ICWAI)
CMA Suresh Rachappa Gunjalli
6ICA NepalRA. Posh Raj Nepal
7ICA PakistanMr. Asad Feroze
9CMA Sri LankaMr. S P Gajendra
10CA Sri LankaMr. Saman Siri Lal

International Partners


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